Friday, 27 December 2013

Working magic

One of my husband's pleasures in England is Pickled Onions.He loves a good old-fashioned Ploughman's lunch in a pub, with pickled onions.

So this Christmas I ordered some Pickled Onions by post from Britain, especially for him.

We had them on the table yesterday, for lunch. I was sitting next to a couple who have been together for a long time, but never make a move to actually start a life together.
Now that is OPB of course, but I am very fond of them and so I thought I'd give them a shove in the right direction.
The enormous jar of jumbo size Pickled Onions was in front of us. You all know that they are a bit like  garlic, you both have to eat them if you want to get up close. So I told them that, in Britain, if two people share a pickled onion they will be bound together for life. Would you believe they both beamed with delight and ate half a pickled onion each.

Now I am waiting to see if my magic works...

The rest of the jar is strictly for my husband.

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