Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Frosted Fruits

This frosty day, has reminded me of  making frosted fruits. It is a good activity to do with children over the Christmas holiday, even little ones. You also get a very attractive table decoration for Christmas.

Frosted Fruits

a selection of shiny red apples, pears and black grapes.
1 egg white
 sugar for coating

Find a clean tea towel and a small clean paintbrush. Cut a square of kitchen foil or greaseproof paper for the sugar. Find a pretty dish to arrange the finished fruit in.
Wash and polish up the apples and pears. wash and pat dry the grapes.
The apples and pears should polish up nicely with a tea-towel.
Place the egg white in a small bowl and lightly whisk  with a fork.
Sprinkle plenty of sugar on a square of foil or greaseproof paper  to make a bed of sugar.
Using a paint brush dipped in the egg white, streak the surface of the apples and pears. take care not to paint all over, a streaky effect running from the top downwards is much more effective.
Prepare one fruit at a time and as you finish painting it, roll it in the sugar. The sugar will only stick where the egg white has been painted on and so will give the streaky, frosted effect. Allow the fruit to dry.
For the grapes, keep in a bunch if possible. dab the top of each grape with a little egg white, then dip the whole bunch in the sugar. Shale away loose sugar and the bunch will have a frosty effect.
Arrange these frosted fruits, along with other unfrosted fruit and nuts for a pretty table centre piece.

What is Santa's favourite pizza ?
One that's deep pan, crisp and even.... (deep and crisp and even, from Good King Wenceslas)

Today I learnt how to say Merry Christmas in Welsh,  Nadalig Llawen !

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