Friday, 27 December 2013

Thank you letters

Most of us have probably said thank you for our presents by text or email this year.

When we were children, straight after Christmas we were told to write our thank you letters.

My Dad had a friend who owned a Toy shop, and some time before Christmas we received a parcel through the post with our Christmas present. This was really exciting for us , the parcel was put under the tree, waiting for Christmas Day. But it was the fact it had arrived with the Postman that made it such a special present. Someone had gone to all that bother, for us.
All our thank you letters said the same thing.

Dear So and So,
Thank you for the lovely Christmas present.
It was just what we wanted.
It was very kind of you.
Hope you are well.
Lots of love

It never really expressed the joy we felt, receiving that parcel.

This year, about 3 weeks before Christmas, we received a box through the post from our loved ones far away. We opened it up and I can tell you, it was a real Box of delights. Packed full, with presents for all the all the family, right down to the baby. It was overwhelming, the kindness and the care, that was in that box. I kept it open, in the bedroom, and looked at it every day, thinking not of the presents but of all the love and care that had gone into it.
I could never write a "Thank you letter" that could quite express the pleasure I got from that parcel, but I'll try.

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