Monday, 23 December 2013

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

This Summer our Italian relatives came to England and had a lot of fun, learning new expressions.
One, they particularly liked was "Easy peasy, lemon squeezy".

I'm going to give you two very easy peasy recipes now.
They are useful when you get asked to take along something you have made yourself, to a party.

Stuffed Dates

Buy the best dates you can find, the nice, fat, juicy ones if possible.

My son-in-law who is an expert on Lean management says it is quicker to prepare one date at a time rather than a production line.
So ...
  • take out the pip;
  • put a small amount of mascarpone, or other cream cheese in the centre, then a walnut half on top;
  • arrange on a pretty plate.
They are simply,delicious, and good for you too.

Salmon mousse

Actually I made this recipe up and every time I make it, it tastes slightly different, but it is always a success.
1 jar of good quality mayonnaise;
2 tins of best salmon;
some gelatine for about 600 g of liquid, here in Italy we use "Colla di Pesce", fish glue (just follow the instructions on the packet).

Whizz the salmon and mayonnaise in a blender until it looks like a mousse.
Add the prepared gelatine,
then add the flavourings as you like, pepper and salt, tomato ketchup, Worcester sauce, lemon juice,
I usually taste it and see bit by bit.
Pour it into a jelly mould until set.
I have got a marvellous Tupperware mould that is ideal. When ready to turn it over onto a bed of lettuce.
You can decorate it as you like. At this time of the year you could make a Christmas tree with finely chopped parsley and pomegranate pips as baubles.
Lemon slices, squiggles of mayonnaise and sliced olives.

Both of these recipes can be made well in advance. Always a bonus at Christmas.
Buon appetite ...

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