Monday, 23 December 2013

Pretty Ping Pongs

Getting ready this morning, I was reading the names of my body lotions and creams. I've got one called Joy experience and the other, soft cream of happiness, (crema soffice della felicità): I chose both for their names, in my constant quest for positive energy. They smell nice enough, and I like their names.

I'm not very good at choosing perfume. I suppose women's perfume is meant to attract men,  and visa versa, which makes sense. In fact ,I really like my husband's aftershave most. He has been using the same one for 40 years. Often, when women greet him with a kiss on the cheek, they say "OOH, you smell delicious. That's probably why he carries on using it!

At this time of year, we will all probably be kissing each other in greeting, slightly more than usual.
It's always nice when someone says "Oh I like your perfume".
I'm not very good at choosing perfumes. When I used to go to England, I would often buy some perfume on the aeroplane, on the hostess's recommendation.
After a few days at my parent's house, my Dad would go round with an uncomfortable expression on his face,saying things like " What's that funny smell that's been here since you arrived ?"Ninety euro down the drain.

The only perfume that I can  remember my Dad liking was "Charlie" by Revlon, very popular in the Seventies. He would buy jumbo size bottles and use it as air-freshener. He would go round saying "What a pretty ping pong".

When I was a teenager, the boys either had Old Spice or Brut. It seemed that the more sophisticated types preferred Brut.
There is an advert for Chanel number 5 this Christmas, using Marilyn Monroe's voice. She is famous for saying that all she wore to bed was Chanel number 5. It sounds like you couldn't go wrong. Well I tried  it once and moved closer to my husband. He sniffed loudly and said "OH no, that reminds me of my great aunt Tina, she always wore Chanel number 5.

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