Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Crackers

For years we have gone without Christmas crackers in Italy because we were told we couldn't bring them on the plane and have never gone by car at Christmas time. This year I have finally found a way to get them and can't wait to pull them on Christmas day.
A London baker called Thomas Smith introduced the first Christmas cracker. Around 1840 he started producing bags of sweets with an added message ,a romantic thought or a riddle as a sales incentive .It was only when he introduced an "explosive strip", a piece of chemically treated card, that his sales took off. By the  end of the century the Smith company was producing millions of crackers for sale.
There is always a corny joke, a novelty and a paper hat. Now this paper hat is a wonderful way of  making sure no-one takes themselves seriously and joins in the fun. At this time of year you can go to any number of Christmas parties and everyone will pull a cracker and put on the hat. Bank managers and secretaries, children and grandmas will chat happily away all wearing the hat. It doesn't matter how silly you feel you have to wear it. Then we all tell each other the corny jokes. If you google  Christmas  cracker jokes, hundreds will come up.
Here are a couple of examples:-

What do you get if all the cars in Britain are red ?
A red carnation.

Why did the golfer wear 2 pairs of trousers?
In case he got a hole in one.

What does Father Christmas suffer from if he gets stuck in a lift ?
Santa Claustrophobia.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
In case he got a h

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