Friday, 1 September 2017

Whatever the Weather

The British have always had a reputation for being obsessed by the weather. It's one of our favourite topics of conversation. Well I can tell you that  now so many of us have smart phones, Italians are too. Everyone is constantly checking the weather forecast and planning their lives accordingly.
We had been invited to an end of summer pool party and everyone has been looking forward to it for months, it's an annual event. then two days ago we were told that it is postponed to next year because of the forecast on the host's phone.

This would never have happened once, a long time ago, in my youth. We never trusted the weather forecast and just carried on regardless.

We sang songs that went like this.

'Here we all are, happy as can be
All good friends and jolly good company.
Never mind the weather, never mind the rain,
As long as we're together..
Whoops she goes again.'

We always had a wet plan and a dry plan.

We had tongue twisters like this

Whether the weather be hot
or whether the weather be cold
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.

The phrase 'Rain stops play' was used for sporting events when the weather was so bad there was no choice, but the play started whatever the sky looked like and however dark the clouds were.
Only in the last few years has Wimbledon given in to having a sliding roof to make sure that the matches can carry on, and only over the Centre Court.

Anyway just to let you know the weather forecast on the phone has changed and it looks like it won't rain after all, but the pool party is still postponed for another year.