About me

Hi! I’m Angie.

I am British but I've lived in Italy for long enough to be a grandmother and feel like I have two homes, Italy and Britain.

My blog first started out as a way to keep in touch with my grown up children. I started writing emails to let them know what I'd been doing, pass on recipes, poems, inspiration for every-day living, pass on love and reassurance. As the emails grew in number, I thought I’d gather them all into one place, so I set up ‘Cappuccino and brioche’.

Cappuccino and brioche is full of my everyday musings, my favourite recipes, poems, stories about my travels. I imagine my posts being read during a coffee or lunch break, five minute reads filled with happy thoughts and cheerful photos.

A few months ago I started writing short stories, so I have a separate blog to keep all my fiction writing together: Angie’s short stories. (angiefiction.blogspot.com)

Most of all, it's really fun for me to be able to write in English and ramble on in my mother tongue. I enjoy reading too, so now I'm in contact with a whole host of bloggers and it's great. 

I hope my blog will appeal to non-native speakers wishing to improve their English in a casual everyday way, as well as anyone who, like me, is trying to reach out and share all good things learnt and experienced.

Thank you for reading my posts and for all your kind comments!


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  1. Ciao Angela sei fantastica superlativa meravigliosa.......brava viva la vita.....