Friday 10 November 2023

Autumn Colours

 Leaves in hues of flaxen yellow,

Russet and burnished gold,

 All the Autumn colours

Nourishing my soul,

Crouching down among them

Breathe in their rich perfumes,

A delicious combination

Of damp moss and wild mushrooms.

Inhaling scents of woodsmoke,

Wafting through the haze,

Bonfires bring back memories

Of my childhood days.

Watch the leaves that flutter down

To pave the woodland way,

A chequered magic carpet

Brightening up the day.

Different shapes and sizes

Floating through the air,

A myriad of colours

Beauty everywhere .

Looking for some conkers

Such pleasure to be found

Nature's golden treasures

Lying on the ground.

The trees are so majestic

In their autumn clothes

One last glorious ballroom dance

Before it hails and snows

Towering like a cathedral

As far as you can see

It's getting dark and gloomy

Let's go home for tea.















1 comment:

  1. That’s lovely, Angela! Very evocative of autumn. Beautifully penned!