Monday, 26 February 2018

It's Not What you're looking at, it's what you see

Regular readers of my blog know that I love children and I'm lucky enough to have a quite a few lovely little people in my life. I never cease to wander at how much joy they give.
One of these delightful little people, a boy of six, is already everything you would like a man to be, he's affectionate, cuddly, his face lights up when he sees you, he blows enthusiastic kisses when he catches sight of you waiting for him outside school, he thrills you with his sense of adventure, his passion for life, his imagination, his bravery.  When he's around, the hand-held vacuum cleaner becomes a state of the art weapon for Star Wars, the flowers on a sheet used to make a den become the controls of a time machine, my mottled collection of jewelry is a pirate's treasure, a chocolate covered in gold foil discovered under the carpet is a medal for bravery.
We are both swept away into a fantasy world created by his imagination.

The other day I left him contemplating the old beads and necklaces, deciding on the magic that was contained in the stones, and rummaging in the bedroom, after a while he appeared draped in a leopard skin flimsy nightie. I had no time to express my astonishment before he totally disarmed me by telling me that he was a pre historic caveman off to capture a lion. A few days later I lent his dad a thermometer and he brought it back saying that his son was using it as a spaceship, the glass bit displaying the temperature was perfect as the spaceman's cockpit. 

Looking at the world through his eyes is an exciting adventure, superheroes like him are saving us all, loving, kind, funny, brave and macho all at the same time.

Best friends run in the same direction

Is this a leaf or a heart