Sunday, 8 December 2013

Rose-tinted specs

Someone told me the other day that they think I see life through rose- tinted  specs. I am very short-sighted and for a long time I thought the girl sitting next to me at school was just really clever being able to read the blackboard. I just copied from her. When someone eventually realised I needed glasses I had already got used to the world as I saw it, a sort of Impressionist landscape around me. One thing that definitely looked better without my glasses was the Christmas tree. The lights were huge glittering globes but with my glasses on were mere pinpoints. For a long time I didn't like wearing my glasses outside and would walk down the street smiling inanely at everyone just in case I knew them.
  1. Looking at life through rose-tinted specs probably means being naively optimistic, well I don't feel naïve  but do want to look for the good.
  2. Two men looked out from prison bars
  3. One saw mud and one saw stars.
There is a beautiful clear sky this evening and the sight of the first evening star ( I think it's Venus) and the crescent moon are a joy to behold.

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