Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year Resolutions

For years, my Mum always made the same New Years resolution: to be more punctual. She hardly ever was. I did suspect that she didn't like being early.

I always said I was going to write my diary every day. On the first of January, for a long time, I wrote the same thing :_ saw the New Year in with my brother and his friend from school, watching "Ready,Steady, Go" and drinking ginger beer. That was it, I never wrote much after that.

I haven't thought about my resolutions yet for this year, but we were drinking from the mugs we were given for Christmas and I was thinking about what was written on them, and my resolutions.

On mine, is written
"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"
It is signed "Marilyn Monroe". I expect Marilyn was thinking of pretty, fluffy mules, or sexy kitten heels, dangling seductively from her dainty feet. But, I thought, maybe I could invest in some good walking shoes, and this could be the year we walk the whole route of Compostela.

My husband's mug says
"May you be happy always"
signed Honorè de Balzac. Of course, Balzac knew what he was talking about. If my husband is happy I'll be happy too! I know he'd love to walk the Compostela route.

I've always liked things written on mugs and greetings cards, ever since we would roam round the card shop after school, giggling at cards that said things like "Joe's pipe and tool works" on the front, with a picture of a workshop, and inside, "Hope yours does too".
"Want to go steady? Try prune juice"
Or more seriously:
"It doesn't matter if the glass is half full or half empty, the important thing is to fill it up".
Recently, I received one of those emails that get sent to lots of people. It was the 45 things that an old lady, called Sue, considered of fundamental importance to have a happy life. I read them out to my Dad's best friend, who is over 90, just like Sue. He listened quietly, nodding or pursing his lips in approval  or doubt. When I read out the line
"Remember, the biggest sex organ, is the brain".
He looked surprised.

"After all these years!", he said ...

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