Tuesday, 10 December 2013

He ! He! He!

What do gentlemen do standing up, ladies sitting down, and dogs on three legs ?
Shake hands.

This joke never failed to have my Mum in fits of giggles.

My Mum and Dad had quite different senses of humour. My Dad loved Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton and Benny Hill in his early days. My Mum had a wicked sense of humour which sometimes exasperated him. Nothing ever phased her, one famous incident  was when the  dining room ceiling collapsed on top of us just as we sat down for lunch. " Well, let's finish eating", she said, as plaster fell all around us," I 've spent all morning cooking this".
My Dad would often shake is head at her and say" You are a comique".
One Sunday lunchtime , when we were children, Uncle Peter had locked himself in his room because he was annoyed about something. He put a note outside his door saying "Leave my dinner here please". Grandma giggled mischievously, she knew how much he was looking forward to his roast beef. She placed a glass of water and some bread on a tray outside the door. He was soon downstairs, all troubles forgotten.
One Christmas we got uncle Peter an evil-looking gnome with  some coupons. Grandma couldn't wait to hear Uncle Peter's reaction on Christmas morning on seeing it peeping out of his stocking.

She was always bright and cheerful with her many carers. Once, one of the carers told her she was going into the kitchen and to call her if she needed anything, "and you too" came the reply.

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