Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The First World War

One hundred years ago our grandparents were blissfully unaware of places like Ypres and the Somme. The next four years will see a lot of reminiscing, exhibitions and reflecting on what was a  heart-breaking, horrific war. Historians generally agree that the First World war was a bonfire waiting to be lit and that war is the breakdown of Politics.
Super Nanny tells us that there are three main skills that a human baby does not intrinsically know how to do and must be taught, eating properly, sleeping well and getting on with other people.
Eating and sleeping seem obvious if  the human race is to survive, but getting on together is becoming increasingly important. The First World war shows in a frightening way ,the dangers of not getting on. There are so many occasions where there are great potential dangers if people don't get on, from Football matches to families to wars .We need our Politicians to realize  how much responsibility they have to avoid breakdowns  within and between countries and make the world become united.
In the blog advice it said not to write essays and this does seem a bit like one, so sorry about it.

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