Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas parties

Every year, I enjoy hearing about the many Christmas parties my brother goes to in England.. Bowling with the Boss, Carol concerts, Quiz parties, Golf parties, a whole month of Christmas dinners  and drinks parties. Here, in Italy there doesn't seem to be such a tradition of Christmas parties. Maybe a panettone on the last day of work, or a class pizza.

The first Christmas party I can remember, was when I was about 6.It was the Sunday school Christmas party.We always had jellies, cakes, sandwiches, balloons. We put on a show for the parents. The things we did were very innocent but probably would raise a few eyebrows now. A well-developed little girl ran about wearing a bikini and danced to "Itsy Bitsy Teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini". We performed "Seven little girls sitting in the back seat, hugging and a kissing with Fred." I was one of the little girls in the back seat, my brother was the driver in the front, and the Vicar was Fred. He kept kicking my brother and I remember feeling very indignant on his behalf. We also did a penguin dance, I was a penguin and my Mum threw pretend fish at me to eat. Now I really enjoy entertaining my grandchildren with the Penguin dance.

At the zoo, I love to see,
Penguins dancing for their tea,
They're as happy as can be
When they do the Penguin Polka
One two three, hop
One two three hop
One two three hop
One two three
They're as happy as can be
When they do the Penguin Polka

My grandchildren's Christmas concert in Italy was a magnificent show. The teachers must work so hard and put so much effort into organizing it. It was held in a theatre and right from the start there was a jolly, festive atmosphere. As we arrived, a special  Christmas compilation was playing to get us in the mood. The children performed a whole range of songs and Nativity scenes. It was all a dazzling display of colour. The children were dressed in red and  wore headbands with gold stars. The head teacher was full of enthusiasm  and positive energy. She really wanted to convey the Christmas message of love and goodwill to all men .
Afterwards we all had hot chocolate served to us by Alpine soldiers wearing the hats with feathers.

It's on occasions like this that I feel my Mum is with me for the ride. She's right there with me.
I know my Mum would really have enjoyed that. That would all have been "Perfezione " for her.
Little children, happy Christmas songs, enthusiastic dynamic teachers and hot chocolate served by men - I 've got to put an exclamation mark here !She loved coming to Italy and being with her grandchildren. I'm really grateful that she did.

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