Thursday, 12 December 2013

Napoleon and his tricks.

One of Napoleon's party pieces, was singing to the bagpipes. A Scotsman lived opposite us, and every time he played his bagpipes, Napoleon would rush to sit on a stool and compose himself gracefully. Then he would howl and sing to his heart's content. He would have been an overnight sensation on You tube. Grandpa would invite people round specially to watch him, and he never failed to delight and  cause great amusement.
You just had to say, "washing- machine", and Napoleon would race to the kitchen and stand in front of the washing machine, and move his head round in time with the washing.
Napoleon would go berserk whenever there was a sign that he would be taken for a walk. He soon learnt the meaning of "Let's go for a walk", and it wasn't long before you just had to say "Let's go.
He would race round in circles, barking madly and then bark all the way to the woods and shoot out of the car like a bullet.

In spite of his wild ways, Napoleon was the most gentle, loyal little dog and we were all devoted to him. He did have a few enemies, like the Postman, who tried  to hit him with the letters, or the delivery man who he bit(no damage done). He lived long enough to get to know my children and he was always extremely gentle with them.
When he was quite old, my youngest son, then two, picked him up by his collar, nearly throttling him. My Dad was a bit shocked and took the collar off. All was forgiven when my little boy, on seeing him without the collar said, "Where's his handle gone?"

Here is my Christmas cracker joke for the day:

Why did the tightrope walker visit the bank?
To check his bank balance.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

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