Monday, 16 December 2013

Feliz Navidad

In England we have a tradition of Christmas carols. A whole wealth of Christmas songs that everyone knows. When I came to Italy there only seemed to be one or two.
"Tu scendi dale stelle" and "Tacita notte"(Silent Night)
My husband sang "Tu s

I always had a bit of a problem when listening to Christmas songs. they would make me feel far too emotional and homesick. The strains of "Someday soon, we all will be together " would have me  brimming over in the supermarket.
At last I have found one that makes me feel really happy . Instead of feeling homesick and mournful it makes me think of warm, sunny places where people dance around in the street , throwing roses in the air and toasting  each other with vibrant drinks. It's joyful . Feliz Navidad.

I do love the old carols though. When I was about 14, we all went up to London with the school, in
October, to record a carol concert. It was shown on Christmas day on television and it was a real thrill to see me singing away. No-one could tell I couldn't.

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