Thursday, 12 December 2013


Just a quick word about Grandparents. When I refer to" Grandpa and Grandma" in my posts, I am talking about my parents. I like to feel my children listening to this, they knew their grandparents very well. They know hundreds of stories about them.Here, I am mainly talking about things that happened during my childhood.
I only knew one of my Grandparents. My Mum's Mum. Elizabeth. She was the sweetest, most gentle, loving person. She had six children and ten grandchildren. Every time a new grandchild arrived she would say" There's always plenty of love for another one":
When I was about seven I was in a dancing show at the local Town Hall. In the whole sea of people before me, I only saw my lovely Nanna, beaming and waving with all her might.
When she passed on, my Mum hugged us tight and told us, we were heartbroken, then she said gently, "I looked up in the sky, and saw a very happy Nanna", and we believed her.

It wasn't that my grandparents had died particularly young. My Mum was the youngest of six, and my Dad the youngest of five. They were both greatly loved and adored by the older siblings. My Dad said he was passed round like a doll, my Mum's brother and sisters said they looked after her with "kid gloves".
Life was very hard for the older ones but my Mum and Dad had only wonderful memories of  a lovely childhood.

When I came to live in Italy I acquired two Grandmothers ! Both vibrant, interesting and fun.  They welcomed me with open arms and we loved each other right from the start. They had a lot of stories to tell, both lived to be  ninety! .I'm very glad I knew them.

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