Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sounds better in French

English spoken with a French accent, has a very special charm. Many a woman has fallen for the way a Frenchman speaks English.

A whole television series "'Allo 'Allo" was based on the misunderstandings an accent can bring. We all remember "When the girls piddle, I will flush". (The airmen were talking about peddling and flashing lights!)

We were given some organic leeks yesterday, so the first thing I made was "Leek and Potato soup". My Italian family love Leek and Potato Soup and Shepherd's Pie. Today I decided to call it Vichyssoise, which is French for Leek and Potato Soup. It's just pureed a bit more and got lots of cream in it, and I think it's served cold, in the Summer.

It reminded me of a lovely cartoon, by Matt from The Telegraph. When the French had to vote for a European something or other, the cartoon showed a man looking at a newspaper, with the headline "The French say 'Non'", and the wife says "Oh, it sound much more romantic in French".

When in France, listening to French mamans calling out, "Dépêche-toi", or "ca suffit", or people telling you, "Je suis desolé", it sounds so nice. Just hearing French spoken feels like being on holiday.

Je t'aime, ti amo, I love you, all sound wonderful.

The French have bon appetit, the Italians, buon appetito, I think the Germans have guten Appetit (not sure if that was someone pulling my leg), in Britain we have 'dig in', or 'enjoy your meal'. Today we are going to have Vichyssoise.

Vive la France and its lovely Language.

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