Sunday, 22 December 2013

Little Treasures

There are some dear, very special, little treasures in my life. Two of them can talk, and everything they say is sweet. Really momentous. Lots of books are written about the things children say, and they certainly seem to have a very refreshing and direct outlook on life.

The other evening, one Grandpa was looking after the 3 year old, and couldn't get the television to work, confused by the multitude of remote controls available. Resignedly he said, "Nonno is too old, he can't understand these modern things ... oh but Nonno, you are so very clever at mending things, instead," came the reassuring answer.

Yesterday, at a party with the 5 year old, an entertainer was twisting balloons into different shapes. I saw another little girl, running round with pink balloon fairy wings. I asked my grand daughter if she would like a pair too, and she said yes, so we joined the queue. While we were waiting, a group of little boys with balloon swords, started swashbuckling around us, ruffling her curls. The boys were dressed as Spider man, Batman and the Incredible Hulk.

" Don't boys just love to charge around", I said.
"They are only protecting us girls", was her reply.

Spider man, overhearing her, drew himself up taller and smiled at her warmly. By the time it was our turn, the little girl wearing fairy wings had lost one, it was difficult to keep an eye on them, on her back.

"Nonna, I think I'll have a sword, instead", my grand daughter said, "but a pink one".

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