Monday, 23 December 2013


Simon was the first friend that my brother brought home from his new school. It was a very exciting time. Not only did I have a brother but his friends too!
We were all on the threshold of those magical teenage years. Everything seemed exciting. We could listen to pop music on the radio  for the first time. After the struggle with the Pirate radio stations we had Radio one.The Pick of the Pops and Disc Jockeys.
Simon and music are inseparable in my mind - we listened to Itchycoo Park on the radio together . We loved listening to music. He was one of the few boys who would admit to liking Tamla Motown. My brother liked Led Zeppelin and the Cream, Leonard Cohen and Pink Floyd. We loved our generation's music. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, the Who, Bob Dylan. There was such a rich variety. My Dad thought it was all a terrible noise, especially the Who. He liked Petula Clarke and Acka Bilk.
Simon loved Rod Stewart and when I play my Christmas cd, and when I listen to it I can hear Simon, even though he was tone deaf like me .
Simon would always help me choose my clothes. He had a real talent for knowing what suited me. We went to Carnaby Street and he picked out a green dress for me, just like that, we went to the nearby towns and if he didn't like something he just shook his head, when he did he nodded his approval. He was a real BFF.

When I went away with the school on a Field Trip, he came to pick me up and my brother and I went to his house for the best Spaghetti Bolognese and Lemon meringue pie that I' ve ever had.
Simon had a noble heart.

In recent years he came to stay with me and my family, we walked the streets for hours, talking as though we were 14 again. He did often comment "trivia" on what I said, but with kindness .
This Summer he gave me one of the most precious hugs I've ever had. "It s really good to see you - he whispered in my ear - always good to see you".
That moment is engraved on my heart forever .

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