Friday, 20 December 2013


Just quickly, I' m going to tell you how to play consequences. I loved playing it as a teenager, it was so exciting if your name happened to appear with a boy's that you quite fancied...
It's just the thing to suggest when people are tired after activity games or the evening starts to flag a little.
Everyone is given a pencil and a sheet of paper, on the top of which, they write an adjective or two.
Each person then folds his paper so that what was written cannot be seen, and passes it to the person on the right.
Everyone now writes a male name, folds and passes as before.

The game goes on until everyone has written:-
1 one or more adjectives
2  a male name
3 another set of adjectives
4 a female name
5 a place where they met
6 an object that he gave to her
7 something that he said to her
8 what she said to him
9 the consequence
10 what the world said

When everyone has written down whatever the world said, they pass their papers on one more time and take it in turn to read out the papers they receive. Because most players choose to write things that are ridiculous or rude, the results are usually very funny.
The fussy and thin Cuthbert Ransom met the gregarious and gorgeous Camilla in the jungle. He gave her a look that suggested he would like to get to know her better. He said "Could I use your mobile?, please?" She said "My grandfather died doing that!" the consequence was that the budgie flew away,
and the world said "They had it coming "

It probably sounds a bit old fashioned now, but give it go !

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