Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hail fellow, well met

My Monday morning blog made me think about we greet people, about how important it is. My daughter came back from Sunday school with a prayer that we hung above her bed. One of the lines was "May all the people I meet today feel better for having met me ". How lovely it is to be greeted with joy, as though you were just the person they were hoping to bump into.
The Americans have the automatic response "Have a nice day" which is a wonderful wish. Grandpa gave Dad a key ring that said "Have a nice day..... until someone spoils it ".
There is a little rhyme in English that goes " Do not tell me about your indigestion, ^How are you?^ is a greeting not a question ".
The other day someone very close to me gave me a sachet of sugar with a quotation on it that said "Being happy and cheerful doesn't mean being without worries and cares. It means giving a smile to those in trouble, a moment of happiness to those who are travelling over tempestuous seas."
Every morning as we leave the house we should  always kiss and wish our loved ones a nice day, and
at our home coming make each other realize how pleased we are to be together again.
"Hey little girl, comb your hair, fix your make-up " sang Burt Bacharach " Wives should always be lovers too, run to the door the moment he comes home to you ".
In England it was always important to "toot and wave " as you drove away from someone's house. Always glance back at the person you have left and give one last cheery wave.
I wish you all a very nice day ....

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  1. Thank you! You always make it a better day for whoever meet you ;)