Sunday, 15 December 2013

First camping trip

Before buying all the gear to go camping, my Dad decided to borrow an old army tent from a friend of his. We set off for Wales and he pitched the tent in a camp site. There was no sewn-in ground sheet or pretty little awning, it was all very basic. My brother and I set off to explore and found a lovely, bubbling brook, we went to bed looking forward to paddling in it the next day.
During the night we had torrential rain. Our tent started to flood. My Dad spent all night digging a trench round it to protect us. We woke up to find that the brook had become a raging torrent.
All I can remember about the rest of the holiday is going up Mount Snowdon on a train which was exciting, and going to see district nurses to have my brother's  "carbuncle" dressed.
One highlight was my doll in Welsh dress called Blodwyn.
My Dad had a song  that he always sang on rainy days, we sang it a lot in Wales.

"Here we all are, happy as can be,
All good friends, and jolly good company,
Never mind the weather,
Never mind the rain,
As long as we're together,
Whoops, she goes again "

Some years later I went back to Wales with the school, on a Geography Field Trip. This time we went to  Pembrokeshire. It has a breath-taking coastline and this time the sun shone. We studied the Fjords and the geography of the area and really saw the beauty of Wales.

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