Thursday, 5 December 2013

Magic moments

I've always been a great believer in magic. Fairies at the bottom of the garden, Fairy rings on the lawn, wishing on a star and the New Moon, Leprechauns with their crock of gold, all added to the magic moments of childhood. On one of our trips to London, Grandma bought me a magic wand. All the way back on the train I kept switching it on so the star on the top lit up and thought about all the things I could put right with it Somehow we  had got the idea that if we really  believed in something we could make it happen. We  went to see "Peter Pan" and clapped our hands energetically to make Tinkerbell  reappear. We would hurl ourselves off the end of the patio and charge down the garden on a broomstick convinced that if we really believed it, we would fly. We dug holes in the garden expecting to  reach Australia one day.  We believed in Tooth Fairies, Father Christmas and the man in the moon.
Perry Como sang " Magic Moments " in 1957 and it still fills me with hope and joy.
"Time can't erase the memory of, these magic moments filled with love ".

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  1. I think dad used to jump off a wall with blanket thinking he could make a parachute of it! (As a child) So it's destiny you met, and lucky he survived! :)