Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Water, water

Water, water everywhere
And not a drop to drink

If all the land were paper
And all the seas were ink,
If all the trees 
Were bread and cheese
What would we have to drink.

Se il mare fosse di tocio
E imonti de polenta
Oi mama che tociade
Polenta e bacalà

These old childhood rhymes are both about the importance of water.
The Italian one is in a Northern Italian dialect and  was probably made up
By hungry soldiers.

If the sea were stew
And the mountains polenta
Oh mother , what dives
In the stew.

We can go longer without food than water. A lack of water, dehydration , quickly causes problems for our health, starting with bad breath, one of the Victorians favourite ways to discourage unwanted attention
The sun shining on water makes fascinating patterns

Water and light cause an artistic effect

Fountains add interest and are decorative and relaxing

A clean sparkling stream is always a pleasure to see

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