Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Daisies are our silver, buttercups our gold

Daisies are our silver
Buttercups our gold
These are all the treasures 
We can have and hold

So we sang at Primary school. Daisies and buttercups are perfect for little girls.  Both flowers grow profusely and can be picked in bunches without the regard given to more rare and protected flowers, like bluebells and cowslips. Daisies can be made into chains and used as hair adornments or bracelets, the petals plucked carefully  while we chant he loves me,he loves me not.Buttercups can be held under chins and if there is a yellow glow then it is a sure sign of a butter- lover.
As a grown-up these generous little flowers can go unnoticed as we admire more spectacular blossoms of wisteria, camelias, roses, forsythia. Daisies scatter the lawn in their thousands only to be eliminated with one  swoop of the lawnmower .

Daisies nestle in the grass bringing colour to any patch of green
William Wordsworth wrote a lot of poems to the daisy. He felt it had a kind of lesson for mankind.

Bright flower! whose home is everywhere
Bold in maternal Nature's care
And all the long year through the heir
Of joy and sorrow;
Methinks that there abide in thee
Some concord with humanity
Given to no other flower I see
The forest thorough!

A lawn is quickly dotted with daisies if left unattended


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