Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dont judge a book by its cover

There were nine little dolls inside

You cannot tell by looking at this Russian doll how many there are inside
La felicità dei cani, The Happiness of dogs, nothing to do with dogs really
In Italy I love the way that all the shop assistants are so happy and willing to gift- wrap any purchases .Your thoughtfully acquired pensierini , symbolic gifts, take on a whole new life when they are gift-wrapped Italian style. Almost embarrassingly so. What was just a small token can be transformed into an enticing package full of promise. They become almost too good to open. I have been doing my Easter shopping. In Italy this is not done on a large scale like Christmas shopping.Just a little plant or an egg for the children, a bar of soap or a little book, gift-wrapping can make these small gifts much more festive. It really is the thought that counts .
Yesterday while browsing in a local bookshop my friend and I remarked on how beautiful book jacket designs can be, just looking at the covers makes you want to read all the books.Some of them are real works of art. In English we say not to judge a book by it's cover, you could be in for a lot of disappointment if you do. This saying of course refers to more than just books , it is an invitation to
judgement on anyone or anything  without looking beyond the appearance.
Sayings and proverbs can say a lot about a culture and I like this one. It is relaxing and allows lots of room to like something or someone for many other reasons than physical aspect.
It is difficult to give an Italian equivalent, the nearest I can think of is L'abito non fa il monaco. This means that wearing a monk's habit doesn't make someone a monk.
This plain book jacket is actually a greatly-loved copy of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. A story of passion and intrigue

Easter gifts wrapped and ready. It is the thought that counts

This fancy decoration covers a quite simple traditional Italian Easter cake.

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