Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Seasonal delights

Even in the supermarket you can tell spring is here by the seasonal displays. Yesterday I saw one with asparagus,eggs and Vespaiolo white wine, I m not sure why but its " name comes from the Italian word vespa which means wasp.This was the  inspiration I needed to make  a light lunch to  shrug off the winter layers.
There are two types of asparagus in Northern Italy, the green ones also found in Britain and the white ones grown in the Bassano area, also in France. I chose the white ones knowing that I would please my husband with a lunch like that. Not everyone likes asparagus, it has to be put in risotto with loads of parmesan cheese to get unnoticed by my children.
But today with just the two of us it was a sure success.
A few years ago in England we discovered asparagus grown at Dorney court and English white wine from
Luxters near Henley - on-Thames.They are linked romantically and both well worth a visit.

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