Thursday, 3 April 2014

Lucky in love

 Okay, life's a fact, people DO fall in love, people DO belong to each other, because that's the only chance anybody's got for real happiness. Breakfast at Tiffany 

I often think that most  films, plays , books and songs have somewhere in them a part of the story where the relationshoip between two people can affect the lives of those around them. Whether it is a husband and wife or two lovers or whatever, two people can alter each other's lives and the lives of those closely connected to them in positive or negative ways.
Yesterday we went to see a film called ^Nebraska. It was an on- the- road movie about a father and son journey across America. The relationship between the father and mother made me feel how much luck is attached to meeting the right partner in life, how much luck there is in the one you have fallen in love with bringing out the best in you and how much luck involved in what life throws at you. In the film the overwhelming redeeming factor for me was the kindness of the son to his father. The marriage seemed quite miserable and it seemed they never should have got together but who knows? Now I won't even try to put in one short post anything much about love and marriage, after all, centuries and centuries of love poems, plays and stories have still not taught us enough. One thing is sure, every couple is unique unto itself and whether it works or not is a mystery .In the West we are lucky enough to be able to choose who we commit ourselves to, free to live together or marry or stay single. If things go wrong we are free to divorce or not, but still we often seem to get it all wrong, hurting each other and causing distress to children. It is worth reflecting on because I think happily married couples are a bit like glue that keeps a society from falling apart. Anyone thinking of getting married could read Song of Songs which has beautiful, inspirational verses for couples.
The Song of Songs, or canticles contains inspirational verses for lovers
One of the films that my daughter and I loved watching when she was a teenager was "Breakfast at Tiffany" with Audrey Hepburn. You have to wait to the end to hear the immortal words.
Breakfast at Tiffany

When you see the new moon  make a romantic wish

Amare è mettere la nostra felicità nella felicità dell'altro
When you love someone you are putting your happiness together with theirs

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