Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter in Italy

Natale con I tuoi, Pasqua con chi  vuoi", Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you fancy.
So goes the popular Italian saying.
 It makes sense. The Summer holidays are still a long way off and it is an ideal time to re-charge your batteries after the Winter.
 Many a time however, we have set off with a suitcase optimistically packed with light Spring clothes, only to pass the time shivering or wearing an old fleece that was thrown in the car at the last minute.
We do get some warning  of what the weather will be like , because another saying tells us that if it rains on Palm Sunday it will be sunny on Easter Sunday and vice versa. Se no piove su l'olivo , piove sui ovi.
It is lovely to go away at Easter but if you are unable to, there is always the Staycation. This means you stay at home but you make it into a holiday. Leave the washing, get take-aways, go for long walks, invite friends round, go to the cinema. Do it all as though you were a tourist in your town.

One wonderful happy Easter memory I have is of when my Mum came to stay and the children were little. Blockbusters had just opened up.
 Now it is already defunct and it is difficult for anyone under the age of thirty to imagine how different communications were then.
 Blockbusters was a door to a golden, exciting world. I will always be totally indebted and grateful to Blockbusters. There in the corner were videos in English, a very small collection, but we devoured them all, it didn't matter what the film was like. I was starved of hearing my native tongue, maybe I drew the line at The curse of the living dead,.
 My partner came home with a video in English for me and my Mum, it was called Easter parade with Judy Garland. We sat and watched it as a gasping man in a desert who reaches an oasis. What's more the song "Easter bonnet", brought back wonderful memories of my Dad singing it to me when I was little. I had an Easter bonnet, it was a straw boater with a blue ribbon and flowers.

A chocolate Horn of Plenty, Cornucopia di cioccolata

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