Sunday, 27 April 2014

Think about it, have a quiet mind

'Please be quiet, I can't hear myself think', our teacher at Primary school would say. It sounded funny, but it's true. We need a bit of peace and quiet to be able to think things through and let our imaginations work, and to sort out our thoughts and work out our problems. I have always liked to have time to think. I like to know what other people think too, to see their point of view and then reflect on it.. You can feel ill at ease with people who don't tell you what they think ,or even worse seem to be saying the opposite of what they think.
Today I read a newspaper from cover to cover. A proper newspaper, that got a bit wet from the rain, went all crinkly and looked most uninviting when I had finished with it. There was a section full of crosswords, sudokus and brainteasers to make you think and then feel a bit dim. Apart from all the main news there was an interesting article on how going for a walk is good for the imagination and thought processes. This poem by Lord Thomas Vaux, the Tudor poet says how important it is to find time to think. He must have had a lot to think about living through such a lively period of history.

When all is done and said
In the end shall thus you find,
He most all doth bathe in bliss
That hath a quiet mind,
And, clear from worldly cares
Can deem to be content
The sweetest time in all his life
In thinking to be spent.

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