Friday, 11 April 2014

Sue Townsend

There are many articles in the papers today about Sue Townsend who passed away yesterday .My children and I have read all her books and she has enriched our lives. Her books made us laugh out loud, filled us with compassion and understanding. As an expat her quirky slant on modern Britain was enlightening and rewarding.
Off the top of my head , things I loved were:
Burt Baxter was against divorce, he had had 40 years of misery and didn't see why anyone else should get away with it.
Adrian Mole's Dad going back to bed once he realized the Falklands wasn't off the coast of Scotland.
The description of the horribly disappointing cream tea in the Downing Street book .
Adrian's mum fraternizing in the smokers area outside the pub.

Of course there are hundreds more . What impresses me about her books was how full of affection they are.
All her books are full of humour but also kindness and affection.
On this sad day I would like to dedicate to her,this lovely verse by Robert Burns

But deep this truth impressed my mind-
Thro' all his works abroad
The heart benevolent and kind
The most resembles God.

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