Thursday, 3 April 2014

Evocative aromas

My son is doing a course that involves perfecting his sense of smell. We tested each other with the dried herbs in my kitchen. We both failed miserably . They all smelt sort of woody  so we checked the sell-by-dates.
Of our five senses perhaps the sense of smell and taste are undervalued, we can go through the day without consciously appreciating them. 
I have always had an acute sense of smell , perhaps to compensate for my short-sightedness.One whiff of a satchel and I'm back in a gymslip, the scent of roses and I'm walking to school on a Summer's day, the smell of a gaslamp and I'm playing cards in a caravan. The list is endless.
My Dad also had a heightened sense of smell. It often caused problems. I've told you in a previous post anout my disappointing Duty Free purchases. 
One sunny day when I was about ten,my Dad and I were in the garden doing something with my stilts when a tantalizing aroma of bacon frying wafted around us. He winked at me, "your Mum's making us a bacon sandwich' he said. We both went eagerly into the kitchen only to discover she had decided to give the dog a treat. My Dad said"you'll give me an ulcer, you've got all my gastric juices going'. That sounded so cool to me.. That was him all over, no recriminations, just a quirky turn of phrase that made ordinary situations more interesting.

The smell of coffee can easily lure you into the nearest bar in Italy

Fresh herbs growing on the balcony add interest and flavour to your favourite recipes.
Here are thyme, oregano and rosemary

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