Friday, 25 April 2014

More subtle sounds and misunderstandings

My Dad used a variety of expressions to discipline us while we were growing up. We knew we'd got it really wrong when he shook his head and said'You've got  a lot to learn'. His most common instruction to  us was don't stick  your neck out, or you'll get yourself in hot water and when we had done those things in spite of his warnings we needed to be let off the hook. I really liked these things he said, they were caring and taught us toshow a lot of consideration for people's feelings. I hear his voice saying them on many occasions, guiding me through all sorts of situations.
Often I find myself in a group of people of different nationalities all speaking impeccable English and being the only one who ihas English as a mother- tongue. It happened yesterday and I was totally in awe of their amazing English. Lots of fancy words with Latin roots. Penultimate instead of the last but one. They were talking about Europe. I heard my dad's voice telling me not to stick my neck out and get myself in hot water They started to talk ablut Britain. I thought they said we wete Jerry- pickers. I was about to say 'oh come on, we are not' when I realised it was actually - cherry- pickers.  Then I switched off only to hear something about someone's backside. The twelve year old girl inside me started to cause trouble. Of course they meant round the back of.. 
Behind, bottom, backside all can cause a giggle if used inappropriately.
The dilemma is always to correct or not to correct.Dont stick your neck out. You'll get into hot water, said my dad's inner voice.probably along with ' you need to grow up a bit !'

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