Friday, 11 April 2014

Men that make you go ^Phwoar^

Somewhere along the way men seem to have got the idea that women are not visual creatures. Women don't need visual stimulation like they do. Playgirl magazine made a brief appearance in the seventies, raised a few giggles and quietly disappeared from the top shelf of the newsagent. So British men were rather confused when their women started swooning over the Italian actor Luca Zingaretti playing the lead role in Montalbano. ^He's bald, he's short^, they couldn't understand it. British women replied in chorus ^Phwoar^. Montalbano is one programme that my partner and I  love watching together, it has all the ingredients we  both like. The detective story and the way it is solved, the slight humour, the relationship and banter with Mimmi, the parallel story, the love interest, all set against the intriguing background of Sicily. I love the bits when Montalbano eats Pasta alla Norma, arancini, fresh fish from the sea. It has lots of suitably masculine orientated ingredients and there is often a feminine presence. I must confess that we watch it with the Italian subtitles because often the Sicilian dialect is difficult for us to understand. Interestingly Montalbano has been much more of a success in countries where it was left in the original and given appropriate subtitles. In the countries where it was dubbed it has been noticeably less of a hit with viewers..  Here is a short clip that you may like.

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