Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Viva l'Italia

These friendly waiters wearing Italian ties are looking forward to cheering their National team

The police launch, ambulance boat and fire brigade are all at the ready to speed off across the lake
Spritz Campari and spritz aperol and a tray of olives,capers, tomatoes and taralucci all from Puglia
Happy to pose for a picture

Italy has got a  beautiful coastline and lots of very pretty lakes and you are never far from a shoreline or some sort of water to enjoy water sports, swimming or just to sit and ponder.. I grew up near a river and I love to be able to sit by water and breathe in those lovely watery smells, watch the ducks squabbling over the crumbs that are surreptiously thrown to them ,even the smell of petrol as the boats set off taking passengers and cars to the other side of the lake,is a pleasure, as it brings back memories of messing about in boats on the river. In Cafè Italia you feel you are witnessing scenes that are being repeated all over the peninsula. Delicious Italian snacks and drinks being served by charming friendly waiters, tourists enjoying the warm sunshine after a long Northern winter, locals at their favourite table tucking in to their friend the chef's special spaghetti, and everyone looking forward to the first match in Brazil on 12th June . .
Cafè Italia

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