Thursday, 10 April 2014

Poems at sunset

Here are two poems I wrote today, while watching the sunset.I hope you like them


The clouds blew smoke-rings
Across the horizon,
Making a blanket to protect the town,
Keeping it warm, giving it rosy hues,
Like the children after their bath
Yielding little bodies waiting for a cuddle
Peppa Pig, Thomas, Winnie-the-Pooh
And lots of frills
Little toes counted twice
Giggles and squirms as Daddy comes home.
Hold it in your heart
Treasure it forever
Bathtime, bedtime, stories and songs
The moment's precious and won't last for long.

On the bus

On the bus sits Bridget
All alone
Going back to her empty room
Her children long gone
Her husband with his secretary
In Rome.

In front of her
Ivanka stares
Her gaze and family far away,
She sends them all her money
So they can stay and study
And keep her country young.

Samira holds her groceries tight
Breathing in the heady smells
Of saffron, ginger and cloves
To take her back home and
To her family's love.

The bus is a little world
Holding its' passengers' hopes and fears
The driver looks in the mirror and sees
An angel smiling and cradling their dreams.
Watching the sunset can make us feel wistful

By Angie 10 th April 2014

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  1. Beautiful poems mum! Thank you for sharing them with us!