Sunday, 20 April 2014

Tutti Frutti yeah yeah yeah


Strawberry plants

Plums just starting to grow
Apple blossom
Pears and their blossom
Baby peaches, soft and furry
Nespole blossom, a type of apple
On this lovely sunny day I was walking round an orchard admiring the trees which still had some blossim, new leaves and the first signs of the succulent fharvest of fruit they will yield. There were peaches,plums,apples,Nespole,pears and apricots.
Apple blossom

Even before I knew what it meant I loved the words Tutti Frutti, it was used to describe the flavour for one of my favourite ice-creams. There was a song called Tutti Frutti too in the Fifties that I liked bobbing around to. Today wandering among the fruit trees in the orchard it was a joy to see the first signs of the fruit that is to come.

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