Sunday, 6 April 2014

There's nothing like a good steak

Tagliata al sangue con pomodorini e patate arrosto
Whenever we went out for a family meal when I was growing up,on a Sunday I always loved it when the  waitress turned to my father and said"How would you like your steak done,sir?".It always made me giggle,it sounded friendly and caring. It made the occasion extra-special. Invariably my Mum would have the Dover sole, I would have the gammon and my brother and Dad the steak. In English  we say well-done,medium or rare. In Italian ben cotto,medio o al sangue. Most people in Italy seem to like their steak al sangue.
My husband's relations in Tuscany always like to treat us to La Fiorentina which is the best steak ever and they are justifiably proud of it. It is served on the bone and best eaten in a restaurant if you don't have a barbecue or open fire to cook on at home. Much more manageable on a kitchen stove is the Tagliata. You cook it quickly on each side over a hot grill and then cut it in slices with a sharp knife. Season it with lots of rosemary,salt and pepper and serve with cherry tomatoes lightly cooked in oil and basil and some form of potato .
A wonderful Sunday lunch with a glass of red wine.
Help yourself to Sunday lunch

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