Thursday, 12 June 2014

Swim swan swim

Baby swans are called cygnets in English, which is similar to the Italian word cigno.In French they say cygnet,from the Latin cycnus. The swans we have watched courting and nesting are now proudly teaching their young to swim and search for food. It seems that the female busies herself keeping her young charges in line while the male keeps a watchful eye on the passers by. One false move from the people watching the delightful little family and he rears up protectively. These majestic water birds have become an enduring symbol for love. They mate for life, but as the joke goes that might be because they all look the same so it makes no difference, but it's nice to think they stay together for the right reasons. When two swans swim together and face each other, the curve of their necks forms a heart. Here are my photos of the swans I have got to know this Spring and whose off-spring are doing really well.
When two swans face each other the curve of their necks forms  a heart shape

Lessons in swimming and sticking together

Mum teaches how to fish while dad keeps watch

Time for some relaxation

Mum leads them into the water while dad stays behind to protect them all

Proud parents

Didn't we do well, five babies?!!

Found a mate, now looking for a nesting place

A reflection worth admiring

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