Thursday, 12 June 2014

Solace in nature

What a pleasure it is to wake up on a fine June morning. There is something magical about the light and the birdsong. The sound so happy just enjoying the sunshine and each others company and the beauty in the world around them. It is a momentous day in the Southern hemisphere today. Whether they are ready or not the Brazilians are going to start the show. May it be a wonderful occasion for them all and who is visiting their country. Here in the Northern hemisphere we have got the whole summer to look forward to. The matches start quite late so we will have to plan for sultry summer evenings sipping Brazilian cocktails, dancing the samba whenever someone scores a goal and putting a bit of carnival spirit in our lives .Even those who grumble and say it is only a game, it is only a ball might find themselves being jostled along in a hip swaying dance.
I really went off at a tangent there, because I was actually just thinking about how lovely nature is today. There is a verse by Robert Tannahill (1774 - 1810) that sums up to me the joy to be found in the world around us. He was a Scottish poet, a contemporary of Robert Burns. He was born in Paisley in Scotland and was known as the Weaver poet because he was the son of a weaver. It seems he was  rather frail man and had a limp so maybe this lack of physical strength heightened his awareness of the joy to be found in nature. I think it is a very pretty poem for a June morning.

The roses fauld their silken leaves,
The foxglove shuts its bell
The honeysuckle and the birk
Spread fragrance through the dell
Let others crowd the giddy court:
Of mirth and revelry;
The simple joys that Nature yields
Are dearer far to me.

Robert Tannahill

Just writing the word foxgloves, reminds me so much of my mum. How she loved those flowers. They grow happily in the woods and  are also quite content to be planted in a garden. Their flowers do look like fox gloves and are an ideal refuge place for bees and other  insects.

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