Friday, 20 June 2014

England did win the World cup once !

After the match this evening between Italy - Costa Rica, if I've understood it correctly England has no chance of going on to the next round of the World Cup. This is nothing new. It makes me think though of the excitement and happiness when England did win the World cup. It was a long time ago, in 1966. I was twelve years old and my brother fourteen. We had got really involved in the tournament in the best possible way. It was him really, that got engrossed in it, I got carried away on his enthusiasm. It was a geography lesson too for me. we learnt all the names of the countries participating, we learnt the names of the players, we learnt the names of the wives of the players. there were no Wags then, they were called World cup widows .For us it was a lot of fun, we were like that, we thought everything was funny. Well  England just happened to get through to the final. We were about to go on holiday that very day. We had our ferry booked to cross the channel to the continent that day. We were getting ready to go on one of my Dad's camping holidays that very day. So while the match was playing we were also putting things in the boot of the car and my dad was taking them out. He wanted to travel light. No wellington boots or macs. If it rained he would just turn the car round and follow the sun. My dad said we couldn't leave until the match was over. In and out of the house we went. We watched the end of the 90 minutes. It looked like we were going to win. Two minutes before the end the commentator called Kenneth Wostenholme excitedly shouted ?England has won the World cup!!!?. Then 'Oh dear Germany has scored a goal'. Then we went into extra time, all the while with our front door open and our car ready. England did eventually win the World cup that year ,in 1966. It was held at Wembley stadium, which made it even better. It is so nice to win on home soil. We set off for our holiday in high spirits. we had had a great month following all the teams. On our cross channel ferry we met lots of German fans going home disheartened. We felt sorry for them, we knew what a close victory it had been. It is a pity someone has to lose .It seemed such a wonderful tournament to us, I think it still is. I like to think of  all the children following the tournament that must be feeling like my brother and I did then. what a wonderful world, what great entertainment, may men's battles all be like that. Fun, fair, no-one getting hurt, and may the best team win.
Just for fun two links to England world cup songs.

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