Monday, 16 June 2014

Food to put you in a good mood

Nothing nicer than a dish of golden brown potatoes
Golden roast or fried potatoes can be guaranteed to brighten up any meal and bring some cheer to the table . Whenever I make boiled potatoes In the summer I always make enough to have some left over for the next day. Cold boiled potatoes are an uninspiring sight but can be quickly transformed into a dish of inviting golden crunchy potatoes.
Slice the cold potatoes into rounds. Melt some butter and olive oil in a non stick pan and arrange the potatoes in one lauer. When the underneath is golden gently turn them over and brown the other side. When cooked slide them into a dish lined with kitchen paper to absorb any excess oil and sprinkle with salt and rosemary. All you need is some slices of ham or fried eggs and a mixed salad for a happy sunset supper .
Boiled potatoes can be magically transformed

Sunset suppers are lovely in June

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