Sunday, 1 June 2014

Illumina gli occhi dei nostri cuori

Whatever your religion or even if you don't have one these words must be very meaningful. Roughly translated into English it means, enlighten the eyes of your heart. It does sound better in Italian. On this lovely sunny day which is the first of June and is the start of the month when nature's bounty is at its height, we are going into the lightest month of the year. The days are getting longer and longer. The evenings stretch into the night. The swallows and house martins swoop and call into the sunset. When we go to Britain in June and July we all have a hard time going to sleep. We are so used to shutters plunging us into darkness at will, the flimsy curtains have us awake at the crack of dawn. My Italian relatives admitted to us one morning that they had all been sleeping with towels over their heads in desperation. My sister-in-law rushed off to Asda and bought everyone sexy eye masks. So with all this light around us and all this bounteous nature our hearts should be expanding and singing with delight. It is difficult to feel anything other than goodwill. Use your hears and follow your dreams. The Heart family, or Mulino Bianco model may be a far off reality but it is worth aiming for.

My lovely Aphrodite rose

Heart shaped tins are always welcome

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