Friday, 21 March 2014

World happiness day

Yesterday was World Happiness day, la giornata mondiale della felicit√†. Today is the first day of Spring. So , our hearts and souls should be singing with gladness. When you hear the word happy what comes to mind? What makes people happy ? What do we mean when we use the word happy? I' m pretty sure we could all come up with a huge variety of answers
Whenever statistics come out to rank the world's happiest countriies they are not the same as the ones about the countries with the best standard of living . Happy doesn't mean lucky .For me, feeling happy is like a Roman candle, a warm
Glow that is inside, like a fire, sometimes just smouldering embers and at others a bright, burning blaze , but always there . 
I'm just going to write the first verse of an old Ken Dodd song to celebrate World Happiness day and the first day of Spring

Happiness, happiness
The greatest gift 
That I possess
I thank the Lord
That I be blessed
With more than my share
Of happiness.

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