Thursday, 27 March 2014

A quote for every day and always

The other day someone close to me told me their very favourite quote . It was a very good one. Everything you ever wanted is the other side of your fear. I love quotes and one- liners however corny they are . One of the nicest things about Baci Perugine is reading the quotes, which are often romantic as they should be, coming with Baci ,kisses. Quotes can be an inspiration and often one short sentence contains more than a book.
My favourite quote , the one that never lets me down and is appropriate for every occasion, when I feel insecure,when I am lost or afraid,when I feel someone doesn't like me, when I'm scared or feel alone, when I feel rejected , is by St. John  of the Cross.
Where you do not find love,put love- and then you will find love.
Not always easy but works every time.

Swans forming a heart on a wedding anniversary card

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