Monday, 10 March 2014

Some things to think about

This is a quiz for those who can remember - pounds,shillings and pence.

I can' t guess them all. Maybe you can help.

Here are the anwers first. I know them all except number 4 

1 Bob
2 Peny
3 Sick squid- six quid
4 ....?
5 Tenor - a tenner - £10 note
6 Crown
7 Guinea
8 3 far things- farthings
9 Pound
10 Penny farthing

how many do you know?

Yesterday someone told me the sort of questions that could be asked at an interview for Oxford and Cambridge university applicants. One was " what do you think is the difference between "being smart " and "being clever"? We all debated it at length with quite different ideas. The other question was " If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be? I  thought I 'd like to be a soft comfortable sofa or armchair , but to go to university it might be better to be a well- stocked library.
Our friend also told us that he likes watching The Graham Norton show . He said he brings out the best in his guests . What a lovely thing to be able to do - bring out the best in people .

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