Saturday, 22 March 2014

An everyday walk , a never- ending joy

There are a number of walks close to the house where I grew up which are a source of infinite pleasure to me. For one of them,  just cross the lane and a short walk down the footpath then a whole vast beautiful valley opens up before you.  Our little dog could do it on his own. Gently rolling hills, sheep crazing, fields being ploughed, houses nestled along the lane at the bottom, kites swooping in the sky above and the landscape always offering new sights as the seasons change. I ' d go there often after school with my friend and our dogs , filling our lungs with the bracing air to charge us up to do our homework. At other times my Dad would come with me. He was never one for strenuous exercise. He would stand at the top of the footpath while I raced  around with the dog and all the time I could see his comforting figure in the distance. Here are some photos of that walk that I took last week, but this week it will probably look different.

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