Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A bit of light relief

After what my cousin said about my blog, I decided I needed to get some more opinions. I asked my brother to read a couple of my posts. I value his opinion and know he'll tell it like it is. He had already told me that he didn't have time to read it, and would rather talk to me That's great because he's my brother.Anyway I asked him if  my blog seemed superficial, and his answer was immediate and comforting." Not superficial at all," he said," light-hearted ". well that's OK, light-hearted is what I want. There is plenty of the other stuff around, you just have to look at the teletext, watch the news, visit someone in hospital, have health worries,and so on. We could all make each other's hearts break with tales of misery and woe..Like a lot of us I was very young when I learnt that life can be tragically sad. My blog is meant to be reassuring and give some light relief, so my brother's comment was just what I needed. It usually is. These are the things that I don't want in my blog,superficial, smug, pretentious, depressing, unkind,arrogant,negative, etc things, quite the opposite, and hope anyone looking for light relief and comfort will find it here. Actually my cousin was worried about me baring myself too much and getting hurt, but I'm not writing my autobiography and although I have always had a tendency to over- share there isn't anything in my posts that I wouldn't happily say in a coffee bar, and that's what they are, coffee bar chats.

I think here is some good advice for anyone who takes themselves too seriously:

Ecclesiastes,  Be not righteous over much,  neither make thyself over wise, lest thou destroy thyself.

Watching the can-can must have provided a lot of light relief over the years

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